CRUCIAL: Website Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an important part of website development. It should be “fit for purpose”, meaning the site should be suitable for the intended purpose. It should be “right the first time” meaning mistakes should be eliminated, because even small errors like a broken link or misspelled word can make a visitor question the credibility of your website and they might not return – first impressions are lasting, so your site should be error-free before putting it online.

I code websites that are in compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) standards to ensure you have a quality website. Following a standards checklist will make certain:

  • Purpose is clearly defined.
  • Content is error-free and easy to read/understand.
  • Navigation is user-friendly, and the website displays on multiple browsers.
  • Content is accessible to a wide variety of people who visit your site, to include people who have audio or visual challenges, for example, content is accessible to color blind or other visually impaired users (i.e., sufficient color brightness/contrasts, images include “alt” attributes for image descriptions, etc.), and the website content makes sense when read by a screen reader.
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